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    And so it begins.....

This website and all others before it have been leading up to this moment in time. With a great deal of discussion and agreements and deals I've finally been able to have a 7 year dream come to fruition. The Targworx Pangalactic has been a work of love and trepidation.  Finding suppliers, manufacturers and vendors to create what I believe to be one of the items most needed by those wishing to become fully operational Twin Ion Engine Starfighter pilots in the service of The Jolly Roger Squadron of the 501st Legion of Stormtroopers.  "Bad Guys Doing Good", "Vader's Fist". 

In order to receive a set of Targworx Flight Armor, you must either be a member in good standing of the 501st Legion* or be in training as a Jolly Roger Squadron Cadet working toward the approval of his or her Reserve Pilot (RP) designation and membership in the Legion. I do not make items for sale to the public in general or sell on Ebay or other services.




As a founding member of "THE GUILD" I am bound by its tenants. I will not take orders for goods or services that I cannot provide in a reasonable amount of time. Generally 3 months or a season. I will not make promises I cannot keep. I do not take orders for items which I do not have in house. Runs are set up to provide those timelines, not to etch them in stone. Real life comes first.

Our Goal is to have a GUILD MEMBER in every country where the Legion has an outpost or squad or garrison. In the United States this is particularly true. There is a great need for GUILD MEMBERS/MASTERS who will aid members of the Legion and other groups in the construction of their costumes. Our aim is to allow our membership to have the pride of ownership that comes with the knowledge that he or she has applied their talents to the best of their abilities to the construction of their costume projects.

If items can be completed and are ready for delivery then it is done and so noted.

A Guild member does not recast. He or she may purchase molds or recreate a master with the expressed permission of the masters creator. 

A Guild Member provides guidance and encouragement to new builders. An apprentice can move into the ranks for members or Masters when the Guild membership is in majority agreement. 

A Guild Member will always do their utmost to see to the satisfaction of his customer. However, The Guild will rise to the defense of the member if a customer decides to take advantage of the members good will.

Performance Agreements

The First Run of Targworx Pangalactic Imperial Flight Armor is almost complete. A very few sets remain to be delivered and said delivery will most likely be sent before the end of January 2015. 

The first of the Back Orders from the 2 to 3 year back order of Imperial Armor have been sent out. The next run of said units are in the process of being determined.

The Agreement between Imperial Armor and The Targworx Pangalactic was to produce Flight Armor for those who have not received their paid for sets as determined by myself and DL. More kits will be delivered as soon as possible. Contact me if you feel you should be among those being served by this agreement. Imperial Armor is still responsible for Pilot Helmets sold by DL.

The Targworx Flight Armor kit as provided by this agreement.